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Grow your income with Edmark International by joining a rapidly expanding network of successful Wellness Products Distributors. You can build your own business by selling Edmark products and by building your distributor network. This company has brought together a collection of unique range of wellness products never seen before in home business that empower people to achieve the highest levels of health, wealth and well-being.


Benefits of becoming Edmark Independent Distributor include:

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  • Least Investment to start (Least risk)

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  • Highest return


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Edmark Compensation Plan

There are 9 great bonuses in the marketing plan:


The Edmark Double Bonus Marketing Plan consist of both the Point Sharing System and the Block System. Thus, giving maximum benefits and returns


Edmark retail profit


The profit earned by distributor when the  distributor sells Edmark products to the customers. It is represented  by the  difference between the Distributor price and Customer price. The Retail Profits differ according to the types of products being marketed

Retail Profit = Customer Price - Customer Price

Edmark perfomance bonus

2. PERFORMANCE BONUS (Accumulated PGS) 20%

Distributor:                   1-499 APGS = 5%

                              500-2 499 APGS = 8%

Senior Distributor:       2 500-4 999 = 11%

                                    5 000-7,999 = 14%

Supervisor:                8 000-11 999 = 17%

Assistant Manager :          > 12 000= 20%                

Manager :                          > 12 000= 20% 



1. The position and % level status depends on the Accumulated Personal Group Saless (APGS) only and is not applicable for promotion to Manager


2. Promotion of position is based on the accumulated group sales for the particular month. it is not transferable or to be postponed to the next month.


3. You will enjoy Perfomance Bonus according to your position based on current month sales



Edmark manager bonus



- Manager Bonus is only applicable to distributors of Manager position and above.


- Total Manager Bonus payment is 14% of the total company BV sales distributed according to points sharingsystem.


-The Manager status you attained in manager bonus will not drop back under any circumstance


Edmark Achievement Bonus



- When you become a Manager and achieve monthly CPGS = 5 000 SV you also enjoy the Manager Achievement Bonus


- Total Achievement Bonus payment is 3% from total company BV sales.

Edmark Leadership Bonus



- Distributor must be a Manager who achievesCPS> 200 SV and have at least one manager from his  

  group with personal group sales CPGS> 5 000 SV




Edmark Travelling Fund



- Total Travelling Fund payment is 2% of the total company BV sales

- Qualifying condition: Ruby Manager and above


- The qualifying conditions, calculation method and travel destinations will be

determined by the company for each campaign

Edmark Year End Bonus



- Year-end bonus of 2% of Total Company BV sales will be allocated monthly as year-end bonus to all

  Managers who have achieved the position of Emerald Manager and above.


- Year-end calculation is similar to the Manager Bonus calculation.


Edmark Car Fund

8. Car Fund 3%


- Qualifying Requirement: You must first be a manager with at least 5 Qualified

   Managers from different lines.


- The maximum car fund total payment is 130% of the car purchase price which has

  been approved by the company.

Edmark House Fund


- Qualifying Requirement: You must first be a manager with at least 7 Qualified

   Managers from different lines.


- You can qualify for House Fund as well as the Car fund simultaneously.

All in all, the total pay out is 71%.

This is one of the highest pay-outs in the industry today. In addition, there is a special free products redemption voucher. The qualifiers get free company products equivalent to the value of 10% of the sales volume.


This is the path to financial freedom. Where your yearly income can become your monthly income.

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Joint a team of supportive distributors.

Take the opportunity to be our distributor in your province or country

Edmark 9 Great Bonuses



Edmark Education System (EES) is a series of Seminars and Trainings specialize in Personal Development, Sales and Marketing, Team-Building, Leadership, Communications, Relationship Building, Relationship Marketing and Health. Its objective is to promote man’s total well-being through a holistic approach.

We recommend that you take up the EES at least three times. This is not only to ensure your 100% learning and development but also to get you exposed to the other members of our growing family, to get you involved in increasing our business and to get you upgraded to become part of our esteemed team of certified outstanding EES Trainors.


Edmark Education System