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Edmark presents natural cures that work miraculously on different and complicated health related issues.

Mr. Omar Nasser Al Omar

Saudi Arabia

I was overweight and desperate to lose  weight then I was introduced to to Edmark products. After trying several weight-losing methods, I didn't give much attention but to try again and for the last time, I weighed 126 kgs and after that, I achieved 89 kgs in 3 months and 20 days.

Joy Tuadibofa

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

“Life before taking Edmark products was not easy for me. I was suffering from ulcer and was in serious pain. It was as if I had hot water inside which always affected my back. Bit thanks to God, and to our wonderful Shake Off, Splina and Bubble C, because now I feel better and I don't remember the last time I had a drug in my mouth for ulcer. I thank God for Edmark”

Habeneyom Sisay

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“I was suffering too much constipation. When the condition is getting worst I decided to reduce my food consumption to once or twice maximum in a day because of the uncomfortable feelings I used to have after eating. Then afriend introduced me to Edmark and encouraged me to try the products, which I did. Istarted with Edmark Shake Off and Splina Liquid Chlorophyll the way it was recommended to me. After a month I just had a normal bowel movement and I feel better from all the pain. I just want to appreciate my upline for introducing me to Edmark products and also to Edmark Company.”

Jozel Jerez

Doha, Qatar

'Prio to joining Edmark I had trouble with hyper acidity. The reason behind it was due to my high intake of coffee every day and the habits I have while working. There will be times where I could no longer eat my food because I felt bloated and it will only normalize if I fasted for a day or two. I was in such dilemma when a former peer at work of mine recommended to me a kind of coffee that will be helpful for me so that I will not take the high caffeine one. I replaced my coffee to that of Edmark's Gingseng Coffee. I'm no longer experiencing hyper acidity just like before, and every time I have Gingseng Coffee I feel energized. Thanks to Edmark."

Theodros Alebachew

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“I had kidney stones for more than 14 years. I was always drinking more than 3litres of water a day and this could not help to stop the pain which I was going through. I was advised by the doctor to go for operation and they asked me to go and get myself ready and come for the operation in three weeks time. Out of the curiosity I went to check testimony page on Edmark Focus Magazine and found a similar case. Idecided to increase the rate of my Splina consumption to one and half bottle a day for 6 consecutive months. Later I noticed some stone particle coming out of my urine whenever I urinate, I went to see a doctor for check up and incredibly almost all the stones were finally removed and drained into my bladder tube. Now I am free and healthy, and the pain is gone."

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